Summer Studio 2017

Staunton Augusta Art Center and Moss Foundation for Children’s Education present Summer Studio 2017

All classes are 10am-Noon, M-F, weeks of June 26, July 10, and July 17 at the Staunton Augusta Art Center in the RR Smith Center for History & Art, 20 S. New Street, downtown Staunton. Register for one week or all three.

$85 ($75 members’ rate) per week. Need/merit-based scholarships are available with a teacher’s recommendation; please submit early. To register, call 540-885-2028.

House Painting & Architectural Design, June 26-30

What’s in a house?, ages 4-5 With inspiration from Dr. Seuss’s In a People’s House, the youngest artists will learn what it means to observe the seemingly trivial contents of a home and to “draw what you see”, the prerequisite for all artists.

Your dream house, ages 6-8 In a Frank Lloyd Wright style, let your imagination run wild to design your dream house for function and beauty while being exposed to the challenge of building codes and structural requirements.

House portraits, ages 9-12 Bring a photo of a house you admire (your own home, a friend’s or relative’s home, or one you aspire to live in one day) and create a house portrait. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the application of oil paints and the study of perspective and proportion.

Look!, July 10-14

Look up, ages 4-5 Did you know that half of the most popular paintings by Vincent van Gogh were inspired by him looking up? His famous paintings include clouds, crows, blooming trees, and starry nights. Interpret your view in a mixed media art form. We’ll visit our own garden for inspiration from above.

Look down, ages 6-8 Think Winslow Homer’s ocean scenes, Monet’s water lilies, even Dr. Seuss’s One fish, two fish. We’ll use colored pastels to create masterpieces of what we see on land, water, and underneath.

Look all around, ages 9-12 Art forms are all around us, especially in our downtown of historic buildings. We’ll scavenge hunt for arches, balusters, cupolas, dentils and more. We’ll sketch and draw and apply charcoal and color as we reveal details of great buildings, past, present, and future.

Wheels up! (Artists are lifting off!), July 17-21

Color Wheels, ages 4-5 Youngsters will master the color wheel including the basics and the magic and mystery of creating “new” colors. They will manufacture their own color wheels and their own models of colors derived from mixing. They’ll be set for their college freshman year in art school!

Pinwheels & art illusions, ages 6-8 Make a bird fly into its cage using two pieces of flat paper! Aspiring animation artists will learn how to create moving images (without a smart phone!) that are a whimsy (pinwheels, spinning tops) or that tell a story.

Reinvent the wheel, ages 9-12 Did you know that many famous inventors have also been artists? The most famous of all is Leonardo da Vinci who drew scientific observations and inventions in his daily journal. He drew his invention of a flying machine over 500 years ago! Let your imagination take off!