Art is Frozen Zen, paintings by Kaye Lipscomb

Kaye Lipscomb’s intriguing paintings on canvas are of mixed media including acrylic, oil, charcoal, ink, Japanese pigment, metal pigment, metal filings, and gold and silver leaf.  Kaye is a returning solo artist to the Staunton Augusta Art Center galleries.  The exhibit runs August 19-Septemer 24 with an art opening reception from 5-7pm on Friday, August 19 including a gallery talk at 6pm.  There is no charge to attend the opening or to visit the galleries at any time and all are welcome.  The artists’ works are available for purchase. 

Artist’s statement

While traveling in Japan I was fascinated by the distillation of simplicity superimposed onto  the complex, varied life forms portrayed in their art.  The simple and the complex, domestic and the divine so often rendered with the power of a single stroke.  The compression of life form and symbolism provided an infinite smorgasbord of imagery from which emerges the rich tapestry of their culture. The “less is more” perspective encouraged me to consider a variety of compositions from a different perspective. I have used organic Japanese pigments and metallic leaf, typical of the nihonga art tradition, in a  contemporary  way.   This body of work is truly an intermarriage of multicultural realities.