Exhibit: Best in Show Winners from Art in the Park ’13

The Staunton Augusta Art Center announces its newest exhibit featuring the award winners from the 2013 Art in the Park.  Participating artists include Marsha Heatwole, paintings; Cindy Miller, jewelry; Robin Poteet, watercolor; and Ida Trusch, sculpture.

The exhibit opens Friday, April 11, 5-7pm, in the art galleries at the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, in historic downtown Staunton.

The exhibit will run through May 17 but will be closed to the public on April 26 for a private wedding event.  Regular gallery hours are 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and 10am-4pm Saturdays.

There is no admission charge to visit the galleries.  Works by the artists are available for purchase.  Special thanks to Marc Borzelleca for sponsoring the event.

Artists’ Statements

Marsha Heatwole (paintings), Art in the Park 2013 Best in Show Winner, 2-D Category, Lexington, VA

Nature is my most profound teacher and inspiration.  The physical attributes and behavior of different animal species can give us insights.  This new series of paintings are the result of my study of these diverse characteristics and my intuitive painting style. Each painting in the series will have a specific anecdote pertaining to its model.

Scarab detail, Cindy MillerCindy Miller (jewelry), Art in the Park 2013 Best in Show Winner, 3-D Category, Germantown, MD

I believe we all respond to images and symbols at a very basic level. As an artist and anthropologist, I spend a lot of time thinking about how ancient imagery resonates in today’s world. My designs are heavily influenced by the past. Sometimes this is a very literal interpretation – other times the influence is subtle — perhaps a shape or detail that intrigues me. I have been drawn to ancient symbols from a very early age.  Long before I could comprehend the meaning of the imagery, I was responding to them at an archetypal level.  This collection represents a window into my own life journey – one that connects to my Native American heritage and whose themes of spirit, connectedness and reawakening are echoed in the symbols of many ancient cultures.

Robin Poteet (watercolor), Art in the Park 2013 Second Place Winner, Salem, VA

Watercolor has held me spellbound since I first laid brush to paper. It has a freshness and luminosity that, to my eye, is unique among painting media. I am often in awe of the way the paint moves and mingles and changes … up to the very moment it dries on the paper. With each new painting, watercolor teaches me timing and patience and humility. Its very nature forces me to embrace the unpredictable and to relinquish control over my painting process.  Whatever my subject, I attempt to paint with a calculated mix of detail and looseness that has developed through years of practice. I am ever mindful of the strength that light and contrast bring to a painting and give myself the artistic freedom to exaggerate these elements.  I am honored that my recent work has won top awards and has been featured in national publications and books. I am diligently focused on continuing to grow as an artist as well as a creative, caring human being.

Ida Trusch (sculpure), Art in the Park 2013 Third Place Winner, Aylett, VA

I look, search, and heed to my heritage, carrying the undeniable influence of my family’s passage. and the magic of two worlds that define me. My journey continues with exploration, challenge, and awe of what is present in my path. My art serves to pay homage to what I have learned and what I have yet to learn.

“If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come.”
Arapaho proverb