Summer Studio 2016

Summer Studio


What makes Staunton Augusta Art Center Summer Studio special?

There is a certain level of “sophistication” in our offerings because our students tend to have a real interest in art and a curious mind to learn more about it.  Classes are taught by experienced, degreed art educators/artists.  Themes incorporate art history, art theory, and skill development in a fun way that ensures successful learning for each developmental stage.

Please register early by calling/leaving a voicemail at 540-885-2028.  $85/$75 members.  A limited number of need-based/merit scholarships are available with a teacher’s  recommendation.


June 20-24, 10am-Noon, Smith Center, 20 S. New Street, Staunton

Draw your attention to drawing (ages 4-5): Experiment with a variety of drawing utensils – some conventional and some beyond your wildest dreams – to create masterpieces while acquiring art skills that will last a lifetime.

Draw inspiration from da Vinci, Michelangelo, and more (ages 6-8): Get acquainted with the drawings of famous artists.  Then develop your own drawing style to mark your place in art history.

Draw upon new skills to draw better (ages 9-12): Delve deeper into techniques for using a variety of drawing utensils from gray graphite to bold markers, from smudging charcoal to blending with stumps.  Learn how to select, care for, and sharpen art utensils and how to choose drawing paper.


July 11-15, 10am-Noon, Smith Center, 20 S. New Street, Staunton

Finger paint, face paint, brush paint and more (ages 4-5): Use your imagination to apply paint to all sorts of unusual surfaces while learning about color and stroke techniques.

Paint the town, aka celebrate (ages 6-8): Celebrate the visual arts by exploring the capabilities and applications of a variety of paints such as tempera, watercolor, acrylics, and oils.

Paint a rosy picture (ages 9-12): Explore the realistic botanicals of Audubon and the bright florals of Renoir.  Create your own still life by learning about and applying the elements of painting: color, line, mass, space, and texture.

Ode to (a short) Summer!

July 18-22, 10am-Noon, 20 S. New Street, Staunton

Summer Suns (ages 4-5): Learn how artists (ancient and modern) have portrayed the sun in mosaics and create your own mixed media versions.

Summer Sea, Sand, and Shore (ages 6-8):  Explore how artists have conveyed the sea’s roar,  the sand’s roughness, and the sun’s heat without using words or the senses of touch and hearing.  Are you up to this amazing challenge?

Summer Celebrations around the World (ages 9-12): Check out the role of art in summer celebrations throughout time in other parts of the world and create a seasonal homage.