Topographies: whole cloth quilts by Julia E. Pfaff and Clear Cut and New Growth, fiber art by Mary Beth Bellah

The Staunton Augusta Art Center is hosting concurrent exhibitions of fiber art, May 22-June the galleries located in the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street in historic downtown Staunton.

Julia E. Pfaff of Richmond who holds an MFA from VCU where she currently teaches, states that this new body of work titledTopographies: Whole Cloth Quilts explores the textures and forms of woven fabric and the stitched line. “My goal is the creation of a contemplative object, both beautiful and evocative, both well-crafted and spontaneous in design.” [Read more…]

Special Exhibition: Best in Show Winners from Art in the Park, 2014

In addition to a cash prize, Art in the Park blue ribbon winners, Ashley Sauder Miller, 2-D winner (paintings) and Brian Rayner, 3-D winner (wood), were also rewarded a major exhibition in the Staunton Augusta Art Center’s state-of-the-art galleries.  The exhibit opens Friday, April 10 with a reception from 5-7pm and continues through May 16.  Regular gallery hours are 10-5 Monday-Friday and 10-4 on Saturdays.

Miller earned an MFA in Painting and Drawing from James Madison University in 2007.  She works from her home studio in Harrisonburg, Virginia and is a mother to four young children. [Read more…]

2015 Annual Juried Youth Art Show

robotThe Staunton Augusta Art Center presents the Annual Juried Youth Art Show, mixed media by the best K-12 artists from public, private, and independent schools in Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro.  The Staunton Augusta Art Center appreciates the collaboration with area teachers who were tasked with the difficult duty of determining which limited number of pieces could be submitted in this very professional setting.  Congratulations to the art students and to their teachers!

The exhibit runs March 1 (with an Opening Reception from 1-3pm) through March 28.  [Read more…]

Three Concurrent Exhibits, January 16-February 21

The Staunton Augusta Art Center announces an unprecedented offering of three concurrent art exhibits which open with a reception Friday evening, January 16, 5-7 P.M. and which continue through Saturday, February 21. Routine gallery hours are 10 A.M.-5 P.M. Monday-Friday and 10 A.M. – 4 P.M. Saturday. There is no admission charge to visit the galleries or to attend the reception; everyone is welcome.

The exhibit titled Style and Identity: Horace Day’s portraits of African-Americans, 1945-1985 will be featured in the first floor front gallery. An exhibition of Horace Day’s work in the Staunton Augusta Art Center galleries at the Smith Center is a long awaited event by Staunton’s art community. [Read more…]

Exhibit: Life in Flux, ceramic wall reliefs by Scott Supraner

The exhibition Life in Flux, ceramic wall reliefs by Scott Supraner is featured in the galleries September 26-November 3.  In his artist’s statement, Supraner describes his colorful, abstract ceramic reliefs as “paintings” and explains further, The shapes and colors reference things in our world but resist absolute definition. They describe the shifting reality of life in flux.  Originally from Brooklyn and with his studio now in Charlottesville, Supraner is an accomplished artist who combines his formal training as a sculptor and painter with his training as a studio potter.

[Read more…]

Exhibit: Light Coming Through

The Staunton Augusta Art Center is hosting the exhibition titled Light Coming Through, new paintings and works on paper by Robert Stuart.  The exhibit runs August 15 through September 20 in the art galleries of the RR Smith Center for History and Art at 20 S. New Street in historic downtown Staunton.  Routine gallery hours are 10-5 Monday-Friday and 10-4 Saturday.  There is no charge to visit the galleries; artwork is available for sale. [Read more…]

Exhibit: Something to Celebrate, watercolors by Central Virginia Botanical Artists

Summertime is the best time to contemplate and celebrate the bounty of Nature. Members of the CVABA do that year round and works by eight members are on display in the Staunton Augusta Art Center galleries July 5 – August 9. The opening reception to meet the artists is on Friday, July 11, 5-7pm. [Read more…]

Exhibit: The American Landscape

The Staunton Augusta Art Center and Beverley Street Studio School are collaborating on a major new exhibition titled The American Landscape. With 51 participating artists and 90 works, the exhibit has two locations: the Staunton Augusta Art Center galleries in the Smith Center at 20 S. New Street and the Beverley Street Studio School gallery at 22 W. Beverley Street. The exhibit will run May 23-June 29.

Following a wide Call for Entries, the works in the exhibit were selected by juror Steve Doherty, MFA, former editor-in-chief of American Artist, and current editor of PleinAire Magazine. Mr. Doherty, a full-time artist and instructor, also serves as the judge for three awards announced at the opening receptions May 23. [Read more…]

Exhibit: Best in Show Winners from Art in the Park ’13

The Staunton Augusta Art Center announces its newest exhibit featuring the award winners from the 2013 Art in the Park.  Participating artists include Marsha Heatwole, paintings; Cindy Miller, jewelry; Robin Poteet, watercolor; and Ida Trusch, sculpture.

The exhibit opens Friday, April 11, 5-7pm, in the art galleries at the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, in historic downtown Staunton.

The exhibit will run through May 17 but will be closed to the public on April 26 for a private wedding event.  Regular gallery hours are 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and 10am-4pm Saturdays.

There is no admission charge to visit the galleries.  [Read more…]

Summer Studio 2014

Summer Studio

The Staunton Augusta Art Center announces details for the annual Summer Studio art day camp for ages 4-5, 6-8, 9-12. Students’ hands-on projects are created in the context of the creative process, art history, art theory, the development of art skills, and fun. Summer Studio is held in the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, across from the public parking garage in historic downtown Staunton. Pre-registration is required ($85/$75 for members) by calling 540-885-2028.

ART-isms, June 23-27
Art is full of -isms. Each age group will explore several art styles. Emphasis on a particular one will be the focus for an end-of-the-week pop-up exhibition.

Fee-fi-Fauvism (ages 4-5) This art movement (translated “wild beasts”), led by Henri Matisse, involves wild brush work, bold color, and simple lines. What a great way to begin the development of your painting skills!

Fun with Futurism (ages 6-8) Part of the Italian avant-garde movement, the Futurists admired speed, technology, youth, power and originality. We’ll express this “movement” in a variety of ways, from painting our futuristic visions on paper to building futuristic machines.

Daring Dadaism (ages 9-12) Artists in the Dada movement prized nonsense and celebrated “anti-art” until that became an art form. We’ll follow the example of the Dadaists and use our intuition and found objects to create assemblages.

Howdy Neighbor!, July 14-18
In 2011, 11% of Virginia residents were foreign-born, most from Latin America, India, and Korea. This week’s experiences will incorporate geography, culture, customs, and art forms. With all this knowledge, you’ll be the smartest kid in your class come fall, and a good will ambassador, too!

Hanji/Paper Art/Korea (ages 4-5) Korean paper could last 1,000 years and was used to make paper fans and figures, window screens, floor coverings, even clothing! We’ll rip, crumble, cut, and paste paper to create Korean-inspired works of art.

Artesania/Folk Art/Latin America (ages 6-8) Brightly colored Mexican handcrafts are made from a variety of materials (clay, paper, leather) and intended to be utilitarian and decorative. Motifs of these popular exports include nature and geometric shapes. You’ll get to export your creation to your own home.

Warli/Lifelike Geometry/India (ages 9-12) Using simple geometric shapes, a black backdrop, and white paint, the Warli tribe depict farming, fishing, and festivals in a way that is simple and elaborate at the same time. We’ll explore and create a variety of tribal art, still practiced today.

Eight “…ates”, August 4-8
What is art for, anyway…its purpose? meaning? We’ll study what famous artists had in mind and then we’ll create our own works that convey action verbs, such as “Art: advocates, celebrates, commemorates, communicates, decorates, educates, illustrates, re-creates.”

Decorate (ages 4-5) We’ll look at some famous art that is meant to decorate… still life images (Durer’s “Young Hare”), landscapes, and seascapes (Homer)… and then create our masterpieces for our own homes.

Commemorate (ages 6-8) Before (and after!) cameras, artists painted scenes to commemorate or to document historic events (think Leutze’s “Washington Crossing the Delaware”). Inspired by the classics, we’ll portray historic events of our own time.

Communicate (ages 9-12) Artists communicate by way of artistic elements such as color, line, mass, space, and texture. We’ll determine how famous artists manipulated these elements to influence the viewer. Then, we will “paint” a message for the viewers of our own works.