Concurrent Exhibitions: Transmutations, photography by Scott F. Smith and Southern Exposure, photography by Jon Parks

While both are masters at photography with many years of professional work, these two artists have composed bodies of work that are completely different from one another.

Scott Smith pushes his craft to the limit by “transforming simple materials – paper, ice, and stone – into free compositions that are more suggestive than descriptive.” He uses light and texture in the most unique ways to create “images that allude to something organic… rather that ethereal or purely abstract.”

Jon Parks’ body of work, on the other hand, is grounded in his ability to capture the essence of the rural folk he photographs on film which he prints from his own black and white negatives. He does not crop or manipulate his photographs for any reason. He has learned that “the magic truly only happens once.”

This exhibit runs August 11-September 16, 2017.

Artist’s statement and bio, Scott F. Smith

Artist’s statement, Jon Parks 

Artist’s bio, Jon Parks