Concurrent Exhibitions: Beyond the Mask, paintings by Janet Dance and Intimate and Infinite, photography by Michele Fletcher

Despite two very different mediums, oils on canvas by Janet Dance and photography by Michele Fletcher, there are obvious commonalities in the works by these two artists. Both live or work close to Nature which informs the work of each. Janet Dance’s paintings are inspired by the landscape elements, particularly rock outcroppings, on her home place. Fletcher is a professional landscape designer as well as photographer and she explains that both passions require artistic intense attention and compositional skills as she creates literal scenes.

Dance is also a keen observer of the natural world which she abstracts into intriguing compositions while incorporating the observed beauty of shifting lights and shadows. Fletcher’s goal is for a photograph to transport the viewer to a happier frame of mind or to a different moment, memory, or emotion. Dance also has goals in mind for the viewers of her work.

“I choose to paint these magnificent stone outcroppings because they are the foundation of this land. I find a quiet peacefulness in the stone as it withstands all that nature brings day after day. Only mankind destroys it willfully to create ever more roads, strip malls and suburbs. My paintings are an effort to create a testament to the rugged beauty that we can enjoy before “progress” destroys it. I like to imagine what history these varied stone formations have endured in their hushed stillness. I offer my paintings with the hope that the viewers will also appreciate these noble rock formations and discover with me the poetry they contain.”

The two exhibits will be up May 19-June 24. Routine gallery hours are 10-5 M-F and 10-4 Sa. There is no admission charge; works by both artists are available for sale.