Art Classes

Color Your World

Learn color theory and how to apply if to anything and everything, from a painting you are creating to new living room design.  Taught by Diane Banks, MFA, retired university art professor and studio artist.

Six Thursdays, 10am-Noon, 10/23-12/4 (no class 11/27)

R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, Staunton

$160/$144 members

Call 540-885-2028 to register

Materials list:

  • sketchbook, sturdy paper, at least 8″ x 10″
  • Bristol board drawing pad, smooth, 14″ x 17″
  • scissors
  • Xacto knife, #1, extra blades
  • 2 synthetic brushes (Princeton Snap #4 and 10 round recommended)
  • rubber cement and rubber cement pick up
  • Paint, Lefranc and Bourgeois Gouache in primary yellow, Chinese red, magenta, ultramarine deep, velvet black, permanent white


Staunton Art Supply offers discounts to Staunton Augusta Art Center students

Expressing Yourself in Watercolor

Teacher and award winning watercolor artist Peg Sheridan will lead students in the discovery of what inspires each to paint and will help students develop their own artistic styles and skills.  Instruction will be based on short demonstrations, critiques, and individual assistance for beginners through evolving artists.  Materials list will be provided.

Six Wednesdays, 10am-Noon, Sept. 10-Oct. 22 (no class Oct. 1)

R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, Staunton

$160/$144 members

Call 540-885-2028 to register

Better Photography

With a focus on composition, learn how to create better, excellent, memorable photographs.  Some classes will include photo-taking walks.  Please bring your own digital camera, flash drive, small notebook, walking shoes.  Teacher: Maribeth Nolde, M.Ed., certified art educator, professional art photographer.

Six Tuesdays, September 16-October 21, 10am-Noon

R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, Staunton

$160/$144 members

Call 540-885-2028 to register

Summer Studio

The Staunton Augusta Art Center announces details for the annual Summer Studio art day camp for ages 4-5, 6-8, 9-12. Students’ hands-on projects are created in the context of the creative process, art history, art theory, the development of art skills, and fun. Summer Studio is held in the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art, 20 S. New Street, across from the public parking garage in historic downtown Staunton. Pre-registration is required ($85/$75 for members) by calling 540-885-2028.

ART-isms, June 23-27, 10 a.m. – noon
Art is full of -isms. Each age group will explore several art styles. Emphasis on a particular one will be the focus for an end-of-the-week pop-up exhibition.

Fee-fi-Fauvism (ages 4-5) This art movement (translated “wild beasts”), led by Henri Matisse, involves wild brush work, bold color, and simple lines. What a great way to begin the development of your painting skills!

Fun with Futurism (ages 6-8) Part of the Italian avant-garde movement, the Futurists admired speed, technology, youth, power and originality. We’ll express this “movement” in a variety of ways, from painting our futuristic visions on paper to building futuristic machines.

Daring Dadaism (ages 9-12) Artists in the Dada movement prized nonsense and celebrated “anti-art” until that became an art form. We’ll follow the example of the Dadaists and use our intuition and found objects to create assemblages.

Howdy Neighbor!, July 14-18, 10 a.m. – noon
In 2011, 11% of Virginia residents were foreign-born, most from Latin America, India, and Korea. This week’s experiences will incorporate geography, culture, customs, and art forms. With all this knowledge, you’ll be the smartest kid in your class come fall, and a good will ambassador, too!

Hanji/Paper Art/Korea (ages 4-5) Korean paper could last 1,000 years and was used to make paper fans and figures, window screens, floor coverings, even clothing! We’ll rip, crumble, cut, and paste paper to create Korean-inspired works of art.

Artesania/Folk Art/Latin America (ages 6-8) Brightly colored Mexican handcrafts are made from a variety of materials (clay, paper, leather) and intended to be utilitarian and decorative. Motifs of these popular exports include nature and geometric shapes. You’ll get to export your creation to your own home.

Warli/Lifelike Geometry/India (ages 9-12) Using simple geometric shapes, a black backdrop, and white paint, the Warli tribe depict farming, fishing, and festivals in a way that is simple and elaborate at the same time. We’ll explore and create a variety of tribal art, still practiced today.

Eight “…ates”, August 4-8, 10 a.m. – noon
What is art for, anyway…its purpose? meaning? We’ll study what famous artists had in mind and then we’ll create our own works that convey action verbs, such as “Art: advocates, celebrates, commemorates, communicates, decorates, educates, illustrates, re-creates.”

Decorate (ages 4-5) We’ll look at some famous art that is meant to decorate… still life images (Durer’s “Young Hare”), landscapes, and seascapes (Homer)… and then create our masterpieces for our own homes.

Commemorate (ages 6-8) Before (and after!) cameras, artists painted scenes to commemorate or to document historic events (think Leutze’s “Washington Crossing the Delaware”). Inspired by the classics, we’ll portray historic events of our own time.

Communicate (ages 9-12) Artists communicate by way of artistic elements such as color, line, mass, space, and texture. We’ll determine how famous artists manipulated these elements to influence the viewer. Then, we will “paint” a message for the viewers of our own works.

Yes! You Can Learn to Draw, a basic drawing class for adult

By popular demand, the Staunton Augusta Art Center is offering a series of six basic drawing classes on Tuesdays, 10am-Noon, beginning April 22 through May 27, in the Smith Center at 20 S. New Street in downtown Staunton. Instructor Maribeth Nolde, a certified, experienced art educator teaches with a logical, individualized approach which results in students’ immediate success. Students will progress to contour drawing, shading, layering, and overlapping in their still life drawings. Pre-registration is required by April 18 by calling 540-885-2028. $160/$144 member rate.

Materials list (Staunton Art Supply, 114 N. Central Avenue, offers discounts to Staunton Augusta Art Center students)

White drawing paper pad, 9×11 or larger, Strathmore and Canson are recommended brands

Drawing pencils, several different sizes plus and Ebony Pencil

Pencil sharpener

White pencil eraser

Taking the Next Step in Watercolors: Finding Your Own Style

This series of six classes is intended for those with some experience in watercolor. Sessions are scheduled for six Wednesdays, 10am-Noon, May 14-June 18. Led by teacher and award winning watercolor artist Peg Sheridan, students will study the distinct styles of known artists. They will then experiment with painting one subject in a variety of ways to discover each individual’s own style. Drawing skills will be emphasized as well as painting techniques. Pre-registration is required by May 9 by calling 540-885-2028. $160/$144 member rate.