Trip to Italy

The StauntonAugustaArtCenter invites you, members, friends and all who enjoy focused  travel and discovery to embark on a unique adventure to Italy October 15-25, 2014. In planning the trip, the ArtCenter is pleased to be collaborating with the well-respected, professional educational tour company, Worldstrides International Discovery, which acquired the familiar Staunton-based Casterbridge Tours.

While the tour is well suited for first time travelers, it will be a special opportunity for those seeking a return trip to Italy with more in-depth focus on certain aspects of the rich culture in the amazing cities of Florence and Venice.  The art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance will be central to the tour.  The city of Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance and is the location of most of its defining movements and monuments. Tuscany and northern Italy are filled with sites to explore while Venice was the birthplace of a distinct artistic tradition whose influence has never ebbed. From Donatello to Michelangelo, from Bellini to Titian, more significant artists were born and more epochal art was created in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries than any other time and place in the history of art.


Of course, this region is also known for excellent cuisine, fine wines, and music so the tour will also include a special cooking class, a vineyard visit, and a very special concert.  Because travelers will have ample opportunity to focus on particular interests in a specific region, the tour eliminates the need for a lot of packing and unpacking, repeatedly getting on and off a bus, and keeping up with a heavily scheduled itinerary.  To be sure, the nine days in country will be full of customized educational, enlightening, and pleasurable experiences led by a carefully selected, knowledgeable and helpful professional guide.  There will be time to relax and explore at your own pace, too.


Please visit (trip ID: 102337) for a detailed itinerary and reservation form.  Please reserve your space soon; hotels are holding rooms for this trip only up until the first week of March.  Please note that the deadline date of February 7 on the final page of the enclosed trip description should actually read March 9!  If you have questions, please contact ArtCenter trustee/trip organizer Hal Aaslestad: 540-886-1875,


The StauntonAugustaArtCenter’s Board of Trustees is enthusiastic about this outreach effort to expand art appreciation well beyond your hometown.  The trip will also support the ArtCenter’s ongoing activities (see the enclosed card) right here in Staunton and AugustaCounty.  Of the entire tour cost, $500 will serve as a tax exempt donation to the ArtCenter.   We hope to see you in our galleries, classrooms, at the park and on the plane!