Art for Gifts 2012

Art for Gifts 2012 features one-of-a -kind affordable, handmade fine art and craftwork made by more than 70 Virginia artists and artisans, many of whom are new to Art for Gifts this year! A members only opening reception will be held on Friday, November 16 from 5-8 p.m. Art for Gifts will be open 7 days a week from November 17-December 31. Monday through Saturday hours are 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Sunday hours are 1-4 p.m. Members of the Staunton Augusta Art Center receive a 10% discount throughout the sale. Below is a list of all exhibiting artists and their mediums.

Artists and Mediums

Allen, Clarice – hand painted décor
Barnes, David – kiln-forged fused glass
Barnes, Mary – hand-woven apparel
Bass, Nancy – oil paintings
Berry, Steve –  functional ironware
Boardman, Joy – eclectic cards on recycled paper
Boggs, Gerald – hand forged ironwork
Carter, Angus – photo montage
Carter, Jan – statement necklaces and earrings
Carter, Sandra –  handmade greeting cards
Cauthorn, Barbara – porcelain whimsical figures
Chodrow, Ruth – beaded Christmas ornaments
Church, Mary Allison – hand bound books
Conyers, Lynn Hilton – raku pottery, jewelry and beads
Cowdrill, David – pottery
Curren, Lindsay – needle felted objects
Driver, Jayme – handmade sterling silver jewelry
Farrell, JoAnne – handmade soaps, beauty products and candles
Fuller, Kazuko – twisted wire jewelry
Gatewood, Betty – botanical calendars
Green, Darleen – sachets, gift tags and cards
Gunther, John – hand-woven chenille scarves
Guss, Cathy –  jewelry, silver and gems
Hadden, Mary – ceramic whimsies
Hamlin, Roberta – hand-woven apparel and cards
Hanger, Anne – framed collages
Hansen, Bruce – hand forged functional metal wares
Harris, Saul – photography
Jensen, Jill – art quilts and silk scarves
Jessiman, John – stoneware
Keigley, Tanya – handmade aprons
Kincheloe, Sharon – oil paintings and botanical prints
Knudsen, Hona – porcelain
Lacy, Brian – pottery
LaRoy, Charlotte – art basketry
Latane, Sarah Beth –  fine art collage cards
Ludt, Georgeanne – chair restoration and seat weaving
Mason, Tod – painted landscape timbers
Maune, Audrey – beaded jewelry
Mendez, John –  wood boxes
Miller, Cindy – handcrafted precious metal, gemstone statement jewelry
Moore, Ron – miniature resin sculptures
Nolde, Maribeth – photography
Nolley, Phillip – blown glass
Norton, Christine – handmade fine silver jewelry
Olson, Maureen – functional and decorative stoneware
Phelps, James O. – panoramic photography
Polin, Barb – marbled silk and leather accessories
Pool, Cris – mixed media decorative objects
Rhodes, Leah & Andy – turned wood bowls and cutting boards
Ritchey, Jane – oil landscapes
Rocchiccioli, Judith Townsend – silk scarves with coordinating necklaces
Ross, Nancy – sculptural and functional pottery
Roussel, Patty – homemade dog treats
Schlotzhauer, Jude – fused glass
Shapcott, Karen – needle felted Santa sculptures and ornaments
Shapiro, Norma – glass and beaded jewelry and sculpture
Sharp, Lynda – beaded rings and bracelets
Shilling, Beverley – hand painted boxes
Solomon, Ron – knitted scarves
Solomon, Susan – felted hats
Tolbert, Lois – quilts
Trusch, Ida – organic, mixed media carvings
Tucker, Rudy –  functional stoneware
Warren, Penny – birdseed ornaments and photo notecards
Weeks, Susan – star ornaments and tree toppers
Werstlein, Wendy –  pottery
Wilkerson, Jean – tree ornaments
Wohfelder, Fran – fine jewelry and greeting cards
Yi, Hairuo – ceramic vessels